Run by docker
Run by docker

Run staroin node by docker.

  1. Pull docker image
docker pull starcoin/starcoin:latest

the starcoin binary at /starcoin dir in docker image.

If you want to run a special version, just pull by tag, such as v0.9.3

docker pull starcoin/starcoin:v0.9.3
  1. Run starcoin node

Run main network node

docker run --name starcoin -d --network host -v ~/.starcoin/:/root/.starcoin/ starcoin/starcoin:latest /starcoin/starcoin -n main
  1. Attach to console
docker run --rm -it -v  ~/.starcoin/:/root/.starcoin/ starcoin/starcoin:latest /starcoin/starcoin --connect /root/.starcoin/main/starcoin.ipc console

More detail about run a network node see Run/Join Network.