Using the starcoin console
Using the starcoin console

There are two ways to use starcoin’s console, one is to enter the console at the same time as the node starts.

The following command will start a dev node and enter the console:

starcoin -n dev console

The following command will start a barnard node and enter the console.

starcoin -n barnard console

If started this way, the console and the node are in the same process, and if the console exits, the node will also exit automatically.

Another way is to connect to a started node via the console.

Start cli console

It is assumed that your node directory is the default directory, if not please specify it with the -d parameter.

Execute the following command to access the starcoin console.

  • To connect via the local IPC.

This command is the same as the one that starts the node while entering the console. The command will automatically detect if there is an ipc file in the directory, and if so, it will automatically connect the node.

starcoin -n barnard console

Or specify the ipc file explicitly.

starcoin --connect ~/.starcoin/barnard/starcoin.ipc console

Note: The path to the ipc file is different on Windows

starcoin.exe --connect \\. \pipe\starcoin.ipc console
  • To connect via websocket.

Then execute the following command to access console.

starcoin --connect ws:// console
  • To connect via websocket,attach to local accounts.
starcoin --connect ws:// --local-account-dir ./my_wallet console

The optional argument --local-account-dir can setting a local account dir path for account operation. Such as account import or account transfer, etc.

9870 is the default websocket port for starcoin, if you have modified it, please replace it with your own modified value.

You can view the websocket port through the node config file, the default config file is ~/.starcoin/barnard/config.yml.

More commands and parameters can be found in starcoin help.