Starcoin Ecosystem
Starcoin Ecosystem
* By Starcoin community 

2021 will be an extraordinary year for the blockchain industry. With the rapid development of Defi, a number of great projects were launched, Web3 and the Metaverse are creating a new era, and more and more attention is being paid to this industry.

2021 has been a successful year for Starcoin with multiple milestones.

On May 18, the Starcoin main network was launched.

On June 24, the first Dapp of the Starcoin ecosystem was released.

In September and October, the official NFT protocol and Oracle protocol were released, respectively.

It has been about half a year since the main network was launched. With the continuous enrichment of Starcoin features, Starcoin has developed rapidly. Some high-quality ecosystem projects have landed on Starcoin, which has provided a solid foundation for the future ecosystem explosion. This article focuses on the high-quality projects of the Starcoin ecosystem, so that everyone can quickly understand Starcoin.



The wallet is the user’s entrance, and Starcoin has paid more attention to the wallet’s user experience. For different scenarios, different needs, and different users, Starcoin Ecology has developed a variety of wallets:

  • Starmask wallet, browser plugin wallet, is the most used Starcoin wallet
  • Onekey wallet is a hardware wallet that supports a variety of main public chains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Starcoin has launched in-depth cooperation with Onekey, and Onekey wallet already supports Starcoin
  • Nebula wallet, the desktop wallet of the Starcoin ecosystem, such as WIN version, Mac version

Mining Pool

Starcoin uses enhanced PoW consensus, and the algorithm for calculating nonce is cryptonight-r. Everyone can have their own Starcoin node, and everyone can participate in mining block.

There are also many mining pools distributed around the world in the Starcoin ecosystem, such as f2pool, poolin, kele, etc. For Starcoin users who do not want to build their own nodes, accessing the mining pool is a good choice.


NFT and Metaverse

Move’s Resource is a natural NFT. Therefore, in the NFT scenario, Move has the incomparable advantages.

Starcoin uses Move as the smart contract language. On this basis, Starcoin has designed the official standard NFT protocol, focusing on building NFT and metaverse infrastructure.

After the launch of the standard NFT protocol, a number of NFT projects were quickly launched on Starcoin, such as CyberRare, KikoVerse, Blind Box, P(A), etc. Other GameFi-related projects are also being launched.



Oracle is the bridge between on-chain and off-chain.

Starcoin has designed an open, unified standard oracle protocol. Anyone can easily implement their own Oracle services based on standard Oracle protocols. There are already mature Oracle projects in the Starcoin ecosystem, which have been running steadily on the main network for a long time, providing continuous data support for the chain.

The Era of DeFi

Move as smart contract language is specially designed for DeFi. It has good security and can minimize security risks in the development process and better protect DeFi.

After Starcoin launched its main network, it tried its best to create its own DeFi ecosystem. At present, many DeFi projects are about to be launched, including Starcoin’s unique projects, as well as popular projects in the Solidity ecosystem, covering various needs and forming an ecosystem. Here are several core DeFi tracks to grasp the important layout of the Starcoin ecosystem in DeFi.



Cross-chain is a door to open the DeFi ecosystem, an important part of the DeFi ecosystem of all public chains, and a milestone for integrating into the blockchain.

There are various schemes for cross-chain, such as semi-centralized scheme, decentralized scheme and so on. There are several great cross-chain projects in the Starcoin ecosystem, such as Poly Network. The cooperation has got Staged achievements.



Swap is a decentralized exchange and the soul of DeFi.


The Starcoin ecosystem has incubated a variety of Swap project, such as Kikoswap and Starswap, for users to choose. Among them, Starswap has been deployed on the test network recently, and is doing the final sprint. The main and Barnard network will be launched soon.



Stablecoin is an interesting track, a product of the DeFi era.

Various types of Stablecoin protocols are about to be launched in the Starcoin ecosystem. In order to meet the needs of various types of users, there are both unsecured Stablecoin protocols and secured Stablecoin protocols. There is always one suitable for you.


Mortgage and lending are the cornerstone of liquidity, and an indispensable service for forming an ecosystem.

In the Starcoin ecosystem, multiple lending platforms are about to settle in, allowing data on the chain to flow, forming a good circle within the ecosystem.


In order to promote the circle of DeFi projects, supporting and helping outstanding projects to accumulate initial users is also an indispensable part of the DeFi ecosystem.

The Atlaspad project developed by the Singapore team has been fully prepared and is the first issuance platform of the Starcoin ecosystem, aiming to help outstanding projects in the Starcoin ecosystem raise funds.


On-chain governance DAO

Starcoin is one of the first public chains to fully implement DAO on-chain governance. Anyone can initiate on-chain proposals and anyone can participate in on-chain voting. Starcoin perfectly realizes the security upgrade of contracts through on-chain governance

The first Dapp in the Starcoin ecosystem is the Dapp governed by the chain. Starcoin has securely upgraded Stdlib several times using the Dapp governed on this chain. It can be said that the on-chain governance DAO scheme of the Starcoin ecosystem is quite mature, and the on-chain governance of Starcoin can be quickly experienced through this link, thereby promoting the development of the Starcoin ecosystem.


Starcoin is a layered network. The layer1 focuses on the basic functions on the chain, and the layer2 realizes scalability and performance improvement, implment the application scenarios off-chain.

Starcoin’s 2-layer solutions ZkMove and Stargate are in the process of intensifying iteration, and more details will be disclosed soon. Please continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the Starcoin ecosystem.


Browser Explorer

The blockchain browser is also an essential basic component in the public chain ecosystem.

There are also multiple browsers in the Starcoin ecosystem, such as stcscan and staratlas, etc. The most commonly used is stcscan.


In order to give back to community users, Starcoin often conducts various types of airdrop activities through the Airdrop platform, pay attention to the AirDrop platform, get latest Starcoin’s airdrop plan, and receive STC airdrop rewards in time.

Starcoin Ecosystem Upgrade

2021 is a harvest year for Starcoin. After the launch of the Starcoin main network, in nearly half a year, a solid ecosystem infrastructure has been built through the method of “comprehensive paving, key layout, and various breakthroughs”. It includes not only the underlying components of DeFi, such as Bridge, Swap, etc., but also the infrastructure of the Starcoin ecosystem, such as Oracle, block browser, on-chain governance DAO, etc.

This article lists the most representative high-quality or potential projects in the Starcoin ecosystem for your reference.

The ecosystem upgrade of Starcoin has achieved initial goal, and it is about to enter in a large-scale comprehensive upgrade and the next beautiful era.