Make an Inventory of DAO Projects, Starcoin is the most muture one
Make an Inventory of DAO Projects, Starcoin is the most muture one
* By Starcoin community

Decentralization and DAO

The existence of the world itself is complex and infinite, but a person’s cognitive ability is very limited, and we will build many models to understand the world. Most models are wrong, but some of them are useful.

The binary relational model is one of the most commonly used models in human society.

As the subject of cognition, it directly forms the most primitive opposite relationship with the object of cognition-the world. At a certain moment in a person’s life, he will suddenly realize that the world is different from him, but it cannot be completely separated. , which is an unsolved mystery.

Existence and nothingness, existence and non-existence, are the conceptual binary pairs that have existed since human beings began to think. The existential philosophy of the twentieth century has enriched people’s understanding.

Ethically, we can distinguish between beautiful ugly thing, which is convenient for our daily life.

Politically, we will distinguish the contradiction between the enemy and ourselves, draw boundaries, preserve and develop ourselves, and destroy the enemy.

The basic practice of human society is cooperation and confrontation. As a kind of creature, human beings must cooperate to survive in the competition of groups.

0 and 1, this is the mapping of the digital world to reality, and the logic based on 0 and 1 has evolved into the Internet we see today.

Centralization and decentralization, this is the core theme of the blockchain world. DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that defines a complete set of behavior patterns, goals, and rules, and ensures that anyone can participate. PoW is essentially a computing power DAO.

Cryptocurrency and DAO

Encrypted digital currency reduces the difficulty of anonymous and cross-economy transactions, and completely anonymous, unmonitored and cross-economy transactions are basically discouraged in traditional countries, political parties, companies, and currency systems, and even forbidden.

Encrypted digital currency is essentially a human pursuit of personal freedom, which can transcend any ideological or ethical norms.

The DAO creates a new mode of thinking, a new mode of behavior, and a better way of living. In order to encourage this kind of thinking, behavior and life, in the context of DAO, digital currency is usually regarded as a kind of vote. Everyone can have a vote, and everyone can participate very easily.

Next, we will introduce 5 latest DAOs for your reference.



OSSDAO, the open source software DAO, is a very small project, but they have gained some attention on GitHub, with more than 900 followers.

The core idea is very simple, to airdrop OSS tokens to all GitHub users. This is a token on the Ethereum Aurora main network, with a total amount of 60 trillion, most of which will be given to developers on GitHub.

Developer can pay attention. I went to the homepage to get it, and I could get 30.38 million. Compared with Linus Torvalds, the author of famous open source software such as Linux and Git, he can receive 300 million, and I am one-tenth of his, so there is still a problem with this algorithm, and my contribution is definitely not one-tenth of Linus’s.



DeveloperDAO, as you can see from the name, is a DAO specifically for developers. At present, the community is mainly a Discord group, but the entry channel has been closed.

They are mainly aimed at developers in the Web3 field, and will provide Web3 development guide, documents and other training materials, mainly for project parties and developers in the Web3 field.

DeveloperDAO has not issued tokens yet. There are already 38,000 followers on Twitter and 13,000 members on Discord, which is quite impressive. You can follow it.


Starcoin DAO

Starcoin is a public chain launched its main network on May 18, 2021. It adopts the account model, the contract language is Move, and the underlying development language is Rust. It has been running stably for 8 months since its launch, with more than 10,000 users, token is STC. , which can be obtained through mining and trading.

Starcoin DAO is a DAO system based on the Starcoin public chain. Currently, project parties can initiate proposals and users can participate in voting. This proposal voting system is used to make some important decisions related to the Starcoin ecosystem, such as code upgrades, configuration updates, resource allocation, etc.

The threshold for the proposal to pass is 4% of the total circulation. During the voting period, STC is in a locked state, but the lock-up income can be obtained. The current voting lock-up income is 15% annualized, and it will increase when the reward event is held.

To participate in existing polls, to view past proposals and votes, please visit:

For voting lock-up benefits, please visit:

Starcoin DAO will continue to be updated in the future, adding richer functions and scenarios, please continue to follow the Starcoin Twitter account:



The positioning of BuildSpace is similar to Vercel in the front-end field or the recently, which can be deployed directly online, but the percentage of completion is still very low.

One of the practical projects is that DAO can be launched in one weekend, and it uses the Javascript programming language, which is very attractive. At present, the threshold for developing DAO contracts is relatively high.

Discord members already have 38,000 members, and they will also recruit developers themselves, so they can continue to pay attention.



At present, there are hundreds of DAO track projects, and the main public chains are all making effort. The four DAO projects mentioned above are all interesting DAO projects at present. Compared with other ecosystems and these four DAO projects, Starcoin’s DAO is the most mature and has many advantages in various aspects:

  1. Ethereum’s DAO is seriously homogenized, and in addition to issuing coins, there are few follow-up application scenarios.
  2. Starcoin’s STC price is relatively low, and the participation threshold is low.
  3. During the participation period of Starcoin DAO, there is a lock-up profit, and the annualized rate of return is more than 15%.
  4. Starcoin is a PoW public chain based on Rust and Move, and the tool chain ecology is developing rapidly.
  5. Starcoin DAO has its own plug-in wallet, voting system, airdrop collection tool, blockchain browser and Swap tool, with strong develop ability. Most of the other DAOs deploy contracts on Ethereum and rely on the Ethereum ecosystem, but the homogeneity is serious. Apart from issuing coins, subsequent applications are few. In this regard, Starcoin has its born advantages. Although it is not large in scale, it has been developed through 3 test networks, and the main network has been running stably for 8 months, with huge potential. Starcoin DAO is the native DAO on the Starcion public chain, and will develop with the development of Starcoin and the Move ecosystem.