OneKey App supports Starcoin Dapps
OneKey App supports Starcoin Dapps

StarMask is the first Chrome extension wallet that supports the Starcoin blockchain.

We can find a list of Dapps that supports Starcoin, let’s take Starswap as an example.

First, we need to make sure that the StarMask extension is installed in the Chrome browser.

Secondly, user need to Connect Wallet on a Dapp first.

Then confirm any transaction in a pop-up window of the StarMask.

For the mobile phone users, the screen is too small, and the interaction between the Chrome extension pop-up window and the Dapp page is too inconvenient to use.

In order to solve this problem, We partnered with OneKey to support starcoin dapps, which provides Desktop/IOS/Android apps for both PC and mobile.

OneKey Desktop App

OneKey Mobile App(IOS/Android)

Next, we will demonstrate step by step how to use Starcoin’s Dapps in the OneKey App.

First let’s create an account.

The OneKey App supports three types of accounts:

  1. App Wallet account
  2. Account imported by mnemonic or private key
  3. OneKey hardware wallet account

Let’s import a StarMask account with it’s private key.

Paste the private key:

Select the STC network, enter Account Name

The account is imported(created) successfully.

Next, we switch to the Explore menu in the OneKey App

Enter the web address of Starswap: in the Search... input box at the bottom of this page.

In the swap page, click Connect Wallet

Select StarMask

Click Confirm

Next, we swap some STC to STAR

select STAR

Enter 0.5 STC and click Swap

Click Confirm Swap

On the Transaction Confirmation page, click Confirm

Close this popup window

Switch to the Account menu and click the History tab

There is a Pending transaction in the history list

After waiting for a while, the transaction will be confirmed on the chain.

Now, you can click the transaction, and in the pop-up window of the transaction details, click the button behind Hash

It will open a new web page in the stcscan browser, display the transaction details.

The above is the whole process of a transaction between OneKey App and Starswap.

The other Dapps' interactions are very similar.